POSITIVITY – My Friend’s Letter I’m Sharing !

Posted: February 27, 2010 in Unsorted


I hope You’re having a SUPER DAY!

I get ALL kinds of letters.
Most are grateful and kind.

Others are like this one:

Dear Mr. Sunny,

Apparently, you are one of God’s chosen few
who have been given the first class ticket
on this journey of life.

It would be very easy for me to be happy
if I lived in Hawaii
and had everything in life served to me on silver platter.

I, unfortunately, got thrown in the baggage department.
I am so sick of people like yourself,
Wayne Dyer and Jack Canfield
telling me how great life is
if you only think positive.

I have been working my ass off for years
trying to get what you all have
and I have finally figured something out.

You are lucky and blessed.
God loves some of us and some of us he doesn’t.

Stick your affirmations where the sun doesn’t shine.

Kathy Rau

Usually I do NOT respond to rude letters.
Something was triggered this time.

I wanted Kathy to know that NO ONE Is handed Life
on a Silver Platter.

Not even the children of SUPER WEALTHY Parents.

I decided to “open up” and respond …

AND Here Is what I wrote to her …………………

Hi Kathy,

Actually, I’m sure I was “dished up” a life
much worse than Yours.

At 12 – I was hit by a car
– hospitalized for 5 months
and made a cripple with a body ugly with massive scars
that wouldn’t heal for many years.

I was a social outcast — hated by everyone at school.

My family was so poor – 7 kids
– that I never went to a dentist
and had horrible toothaches
all thru my life with rotten teeth.

My parents couldn’t pay even one penny
for my college education.

I was sickly – and a social outcast
for most of my life.

The truth is

I will remove You from my mailing list.

Wake Up!
You’re Causing All of Your OWN Pain.
That’s the truth.

I hope You can learn and change.
You deserve better than You have received from the Universe so far.
Much Better.

Loving You …
and hoping for Your New Life filled with Love and Joy.
~Sunny 🙂

Was I wrong to write to her?
Was I wrong to tell her my TRUE thoughts?

I don’t know.
I didn’t hear back from her.

However — I WANT YOU AHKATH to know
that YOU CAN Change YOUR Life.

You CAN Create Your OWN Reality …
filled with FREEDOM, Love & JOY …
Each & Every Day!

So, Thank YOU, Kathy …
for helping me to share my philosophy with AHKATH today!

What An Amazing Life We Share …
FILLED With Possibilities and Opportunities.

Have A SUPER Day!
~Sunny 🙂


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