The Most Important Words

Posted: April 8, 2010 in Unsorted

When it comes to getting along with your parents, the single most important word is please. The two most important words are thank you. The three most important words are I love you. The four most important words are How can I help? There is power and magic in each.

Saying please is polite and shows respect. The same goes for thank you. Nothing perturbs parents more than ingratitude. So look for ways to say thank you, whenever you can.

“Thanks Mom. Dinner was yummy.”

“Dad thanks a lot for letting me use the car last night. I had a great time.”

I love you is the next most important phrase. In some homes, hugs and sure love yas (yous) are passed around freely. In others, it’s not so warm and fuzzy. If that’s your lot, try being a cycle breaker and starting a new trend in your home, where you express love and affection in one way or another. It only takes one person to get started.

How can I help? is the next most important phrase. Caution: Make sure your parents are sitting down when you try this out on them because it might give ’em a stroke.

“Mom, I know you’re totally stressed right now. How can I help?”

“Oh, no! Look at the garage. It looks like a tornado hit it,” says your dad.

“How can I help, Dad?” you say back.

~Compiled From: “The 6 Most Important Decisions You’ll Ever Make” – Sean Covey, pp. 135, 136


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