Scars of the heart

Posted: April 11, 2010 in Unsorted

How would it be?

If I were you
And you were me
What you did then
I would now
While you slept I would creep
Slowly you would cry
Then would you scream?
The pain and shame
What would you gain?
Your tears and pleads
Who is it that will hear?
The animal within me
More human am I than you
Who ever possesses me to do
Cares not that you withdrew
I need no consent
Nor need any reason
I do what I want
Because I have the urge to do
The hunger in me strikes
Whenever I smell the young
So young you are
Not touched you are
But that all changes
Tonight you change

Stop! I say
My mind still does not understand
What made u do
What u did then?
So sad I was
So lost I was
You had been my guide
You had been my sight
But all that changes
That night you changed
You had been a father
Now you are a sinner

Courtesy: Farah Mirza


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