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The more responsibility you assume, the more successful you’ll become.

Some people look at a difficult situation and say, “that’s not my concern.”

Others look at the same situation and say, “I’ll make it my concern, and I’ll do something about it.”

Guess who ends up being more successful?

There are plenty of perfectly reasonable and legitimate reasons to avoid responsibility.

So why would anyone choose to assume responsibility?

Because choosing to take responsibility means choosing to achieve, choosing to succeed, choosing to make a truly positive difference.

You can get by fairly well without assuming much responsibility. But is
that really what you want – just to get by?

The next time you see people running away from responsibility, make the choice to get yourself running towards it.

Make the choice that will bring you success and achievement.

Choose to take responsibility, and you’ll be choosing to succeed.

Dedicated to our dedicated members of PYR.