Honour the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam) Campaign

Posted: May 19, 2010 in Unsorted
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A facebook page/event has been set up for May the 20th, and this event has been called draw Muhammad day. So as a response, this page has been created, for Muslims to come and defend the honour of Muhammad peace be upon him. The way we shall respond is not by violence, or threats, or insults. No, we shall respond back with wisdom, and with the most important tool we have, the truth.
The prophet Muhammad himself stated that the strong Muslim was the one who could control his anger, and control his emotions, therefore all Muslims should follow this example.
Responding with threats does not defend the prophet, rather it simply feeds the propaganda, and makes them say ‘look! You see , we are right, the Muslims are violent!’ Therefore as Muslims we should be better.
On May 20th we shall release our own video, a video which shall compile some of the greatest examples of the prophet Muhammad. You to can take part, by posting several Islamic narrations that showed the kindness, mercy, humbleness, generosity, and sincerity of the prophet Muhammad. If you choose to do more, and want to make your own video, then do so!
Let us show everyone what a great man Muhammad (S.A.W) was, and rather than mocking him, he should be praised and given the utmost respect. So join up, and forward this group to your friends, so they join as well.
So come, let us defend the honour of Muhammad peace be upon him, and let us do this with dignity, respect, and wisdom
:: Join & invite your friends to [ Honour The Prophet Muhammad Campaign ] ::

  1. Umair says:

    Wht intentions with this forum was set? How this forum attack the honour of our Nabi?? can ny 1 explain??

  2. Kevin Slaten says:

    Abdul, I watched your video and visited the FB page — what a wonderful movement you’ve initiated! I think this is exactly the sort of response needed for heartless ideas like “Draw The Prophet Muhammad Day”.

    Your tone and message is spot on. Don’t answer ignorance with ignorance; answer with wisdom. Don’t answer hate with hate; answer with peace.

    A note: this is coming from an atheist. And one’s religion is a irrelevant to me when I see the sort of love and peace imbued in your video above. (Indeed, any atheists that took part in the hate movement are alien to me as people.)

    Thank you.

    • ahkath says:

      Thank you very much Kevin for your comments.

      We need peace, love, prosperity and true harmony among all.. and this can only be achieved if we respect everyone’s religion and believes.

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