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– A well-designed story of corruption (Minster Mr. Raja Pervaiz Ashraf and Ahmed Kamal his sub-servant)

Courtesy: Basit Ali

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The water level at the artificial lake at Hunza River at Attaabad in constantly raising now reached more than 390 feet. Why, it was being raised up to this level and not breached?  This is as per mala-fide design of one of member NDMA to turn this tragedy to grab money and open avenues of corruption for his masters.

As we, all knows that initially, the volume of lake was very small. When Army Engineer and other experts reached in 3rd week of January, they have unanimously decided to breach the lake. Later on request of Government of Pakistan, a special team from China arrived in early February. The team spent two days at site, examined the landslide and briefed the then Chairman NDMA General Farooq. Peculiar nature of disaster has forced Chairman NMDA to call on Federal Flood Commission of Pakistan (FCC) for technical assistance. FCC working under Ministry of Water and Power(MOWP) as per mandate and being apex body to supervising Tarbela Dam watershed management.

The minister for Water and Power of Pakistan, Mr. Raja Pervaiz Ashraf who has been under serious criticism because having serious corruption charges over Rental Power Scam, deputed Mr. Ahmed Kamal an official of MOWP (FCC) to assist NMDA.

After joining as Member (technical) Mr. Ahmed Kamal, immediately order FWO (Army Engineers deputed to make spillway). In addition, at he started negotiation with Chinese team for making breach of lake as a Mega project to mint money for bunch of corrupt Minister and other cronies. The Chinese team categorically told Ahmed Kamal and other officials in a meeting at Islamabad the technical assistance would purely on humanitarian ground. The Chinese team further told Government of China would not claim any single penny against this job and purpose of help is to rehabilitate the affected area of Attabad and Karakoram Highway, as soon as possible.

The Karakoram Highway is a trade as well as strategic link between two countries.  Karakoram Highway also link Arabian Sea with Tajikistan, China, and other Central Asian states and Russia also.

This is the inside authentic story narrated by patriotic, loyal official of NDMA, who had closely watched witnessed the whole deal of Ahmed Kamal.  Now, it is duty of Media, independent Judiciary and Pak Army to investigate why Ahmad Kamal did this? Is it part of international conspiracy to cut Gilgit-Baltistan from Pakistan or whole lake was not breached to grab foreign Aids and other funds.

Full marks to Mr. Raja Pervaiz Ashraf for selecting Mr. Ahmed Kamal, who has all capabilities and fame for well-designed and engineered corruption.

In past, he had successful plea bargain with National Accountability Bureau (NAB) when he was held responsible for massive corruption. Record can be obtained from NAB authorities.

Mr. Corruption of Ahmed Kamal is always use innovative method for corruption when   Japan (JICA) offered technical and financial support to mitigate flood hazard in Rawalpindi. He jumped as project manger and Rs.360 Million project cost was ruined due to ineptness and corruption of Ahmed Kamal. As Project Manager, he was responsible of all financial embezzlement. The equipment purchased against the project could not installed at different or purchase having inferior specification. Prime Minister Inspection team with some senior judge of Supreme Court can set an inquiry and physical verification of equipment purchased and installed.

In financial year 2007-8 he had spoiled Rs.52.535 million against Emergent Flood program executed under PSDP 2007-8, the detail is given as under

  • He is also directing responsible of serious misappropriation and financial embezzlement of amount Rs.14.5 million a flood protection project “Protection Bund at Gahkuch Silpi Sand, Sultanabad, Yasin and Ghizer District.
  • Protective bund having cost Rs.7.135 million at Usmanabad Basin Gilgit
  • Flood Protective and River training work for Daral/ Tangir valley in District Diamer having cost amount Rs. 30.90 million.

Mr. Ahmed Kamal has linked with top civil bureaucracy and  close link with influential Members of National Assembly(MNA) and Senators.

In 2009, four MNAs spent seven days in Thailand and Ahmed Kamal sponsored the whole trip excluding personal shopping.

The Modus-Operandi of Ahmed Kamal in corrupt practices is unique. Instead of establishing and developing real-estate assents, he is importing Gold and doing currency business since last 15 years. In year, 2003, When NAB started investigation to probe his corruption; authority had only confiscated 3.5 KG Gold and did not file any case against him.

We the People of Pakistan demand for a fair and judicious trail of Ahmed Kamal for

  • Delaying the breech of lake for his own vested interest
  • Demand for investigation and expose the story of  kickback from Chinese team
  • We also demand that all looted money by him as Chief Engineer FFC Ministry of Water and power must be recovered.

Do you feel that you’ve gone as far as you can with your current employer? Despite knowing that you have much more potential, is there a limit to where “people like you” can go in your organization?

If so, you’ve hit what’s known as the “glass ceiling.” This is the point at which you can clearly see the next level of promotion – yet, despite your best effort, an invisible barrier seems to stop you from proceeding.

Traditionally, the glass ceiling was a concept applied to women and some minorities. It was very hard, if not impossible, for them to reach upper management positions. No matter how qualified or experienced, they simply were not given opportunities to further advance their careers.

Today, there are many more women and minorities in powerful positions. However, the glass ceiling is still very real. And it’s not always limited to gender or race.

Have you been pushed up against a glass ceiling? This can happen for many different reasons. Are you too much the champion of change? Do you have difficulty communicating your ideas? Are you quieter and less outgoing than the people who get promotions?

Whatever the reason, you have a choice. You can accept your situation and be happy with looking up and not being able to touch what you see… or you can smash the glass with purpose and determination.

If you do, indeed, want to break through that glass, here are some steps to take.

Identify the Key Competencies within Your Organization

Key competencies are the common skills and attributes of the people in your company’s upper levels. These skills are often tied closely to the organization’s culture and vision.

Companies that value innovation and strive to be leaders will probably promote individuals who are outgoing, risk takers, and not afraid to “tell it like it is.” However, if you work for a conservative company (such as a publicly-owned utility) chances are that top management are analytical thinkers, with a reputation for avoiding risk and making careful decisions.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the values of your organization?
  • What behaviors does your company value and reward?
  • What type of person is promoted?

Understand what sets your company and its leaders apart. This is the first step toward discovering how to position yourself for a top leadership role.

Two universal competencies for top management are effective leadership and effective communication. Each of these is complex.

  • Read everything you can about leadership styles, skills, and attributes.
  • Communication skills will help you, regardless of the level you want to reach in your career.

Set Objectives to Align Your Competencies with Top Management

Once you know your target, set goals to get there. You’re responsible for determining your own career direction. Be proactive and go after what you want, because it probably won’t be handed to you.

Do the following:

  • Let your boss know that you want to work toward a higher-level position.
  • Ask your boss what skill areas you need to develop.
  • Work together with your boss to set goals and objectives, then monitor and measure your performance.

Remember to concentrate on areas of performance that you can improve. Don’t set a goal to achieve a certain position by a certain time: This can be discouraging if it doesn’t happen. For example, set a goal to consistently demonstrate assertive and clear communication. If you achieve that goal, no matter what job title you have, you’ve succeeded!

Build Your Network

You should also build relationships with other people in your organization. You never know who may be in a position to help you or provide you with valuable information.

It’s important to network in all areas and levels of your company. Many people tend to think it’s best to make friends at the top. However, to be effective and actually make it to the top, you’ll need the support of colleagues at other levels as well.

Try these tips:

  • Reach out to new people on a regular basis.
  • Get involved with cross-functional teams.
  • Expand your professional network outside of your organization. If you can’t break the glass ceiling in your company, you may have to look elsewhere for opportunities.

Use the climate in your organization to your advantage. While “politicking” is often seen as negative, you can help your career by understanding and using the political networks in your company.

Find a Mentor

Having a mentor is a powerful way to break through the glass ceiling. The barriers that you face have likely been there for a long time. Past practices, biases and stereotypes, and old ideas are often long established at the top of many organizations.

Is upper management reluctant to work with certain types of individuals? Do they exclude certain people from important communications? A mentor can help you learn how to get connected to the information and people who can help you. A mentor can also be a great source of ideas for your professional development and growth.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there someone in upper management you can approach to help you?
  • Will your boss be able to provide mentoring support?
  • Are there people with strong political power who can offer you assistance?

Build Your Reputation

Ultimately, the way to get ahead is to get noticed. You want people to see your leadership abilities, communication skills, technical knowledge, and any other competencies that are typical of people at the top.

Develop your skills and network with people so that your name becomes associated with top management potential. To do this, you need to build a reputation as the kind of person who fits the description of top management. Visibility is very important. Remember, while you can see up, those at the top can see down. Make sure that what they see is you!

Follow these guidelines:

  • Seek high-profile projects.
  • Speak up and contribute in meetings.
  • Share ideas with peers as well as people in higher positions.

Identify places where your reputation is not what you want it to be, and develop plans to change them.

Know Your Rights

Finally, watch for discriminatory behavior. Sometimes biases and stereotyping can cross the line into discrimination. It’s unfortunate for both you and your organization when situations like this occur.

Don’t just accept frustration and failure. Know that you’re doing everything right, and arm yourself with a good understanding of your rights regarding official company policies and local laws.

Key Points

To get ahead and reach the leadership level you want, you need to champion and market yourself. That means proactively managing every step of your career. If you can’t seem to break through a glass ceiling, you might have to work harder than others.

We can’t all be exactly the type of upper management person our company wants. What we can do is develop the skills that the company values. Arm yourself with a development plan as well as the help of your boss, a strong network, and, hopefully, a mentor. You can then build and showcase the skills that will help you climb the corporate ladder. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone, and you may find new zones of opportunity.

Apply This to Your Life

If you’re frustrated with your career advancement, consider the following:

  • Do you have a career plan in place? If you don’t, now is the time to make one!
  • Does your boss, or anyone in your organization, know what your goals are? Unless people know what you want, they may keep you in the same position and assume you’re happy there.
  • Do you feel alone and unsupported in your career goals? If so, who can help you change that? We all need to make our own success, but most people don’t succeed all on their own. Ask for support and assistance – this is a sign of strength, not weakness.
  • What areas for skill development have been pointed out to you in the past? Are you making improvements?
  • Are you facing a glass ceiling? Recognizing that the ceiling exists is the first step… the ceiling won’t be removed unless you do something about it. Apply some of the ideas in this article, and monitor your progress.

The article is supported in the Career Excellence Club by Club Facilitator, Dianna Podmoroff. Dianna is keen to hear from readers who’re facing this issue, and those who have successfully overcome it.