Do we know the purpose of our life?

Posted: July 9, 2010 in Mind Sciences, Motivational, Pakistan, World, Youth Development
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Have we ever dragged our own-self to our own court to question what have we done so far for our own people?

Have you ever thought to discover your true purpose in life?

Well, if yes, then how do you discover your real purpose in life? I am not talking about your job, your daily responsibilities, or even your long-term goals. I mean the real reason why you are in this world at all – the very reason you exist.

This post is relevant to all of us, and in broader sense it applies to every human being.

Every day we wake up and we almost follow the same pattern, same routine, same time of leaving for work, or picking up children from school, or going out for something. We have a long day, we do certain things and then we take dinner and then go to bed.

During all this, we pray, we might be cooking, or cleaning or passing instructions, or getting things done. We have a whole list of everyday things to do.

Our life has become routine. Everyone is busy around us. Our phone rings and we sometimes do not feel like taking calls as we already are burdened with a million things going around us. Our friends send us SMS and forwarded emails and sometimes we do not reply back. We rarely have time to meet them.

We have facebook now, so that keeps us connected with those who matter. Those who don’t, remain as add as friend options. Everything is so electronic. We don’t watch TV much unless we have any of our favorite character or show.

Some occasions, some weddings, some events; we may feel like showing up and sometimes we skip some.

We have to keep up with the society. We have to reciprocate and we have to say “thank you” when someone does something for us.

We are answerable to everyone around us. Even if sometimes we don’t want to.

The load-shedding or daily power cut offs bother us. It disturbs our sleep. It makes us irritated during day. The weather is so dry and warm that by the time we reach one place from another, we are already tired.

What’s all this nonsense on TV?

Everywhere we go; same topics, same issues, same fears, some worries. No one seems to have a solution, but to crib and cry over the past and present. What is going to happen, we don’t know.

We see the same people on TV, with the same words, same suggestions, yet we see NO difference being made but things are becoming worse and even worse. By the time we realize there is a problem, it already becomes a major disaster and people have no option but to find safe havens.

Could you imagine a place like Islamabad – so safe so serene, would have bombings inside Marriott Hotel? Could you imagine Karachi being thrashed? Could you imagine Lahore the city of life becoming a city of bloodshed?

What is the reason behind all this?

Why so much hate and violence, taking lives of innocent people?

There has to be so much more behind all this.

Come on… Pakistan is becoming Shaheedistan.

My God! look at the inflation. Look at the price hikes in basic commodities. Look how basic living rights are being taken by cutting off electricity.

Wages? How can a mere salary of $60-70 i.e. 5000 to 6000 Rupees a month fulfills the needs of 5-6 family members with toddlers and infants who need milk every day? Then who complains that these maids should not be trusted alone at homes?

How can we as individuals bring some support to these people who work for us?

Forget thinking about your own-self for a moment. Think about the driver who works with you all day. Drives in heat, sweats and doesn’t say “NO” to you.

Why are we humans becoming blood suckers?

How loyally would someone wash our clothes and cook us meals and safeguard us when they are deprived of so much more back home. They leave their families at their villages to come to cities to work with us. All for few 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 thousand bucks?

Could we live in this amount every month? We must only see our monthly mobile phone and internet bills. Doing what?

We must discover our true purpose in life and realize the responsibility to our own people first.

The lady, who cleans our bathroom or irons our clothes, smiles and gives us respect. How often do we think of giving her extra money quietly and helping her out of a troubled situation with no other family member working, and kids crying from illness? No money for hospitalization or immunization.

How often do we say “thank you” to our cook or appreciate verbally for making us tasty and delicious food?

How often would we ask our driver to come, take the back seat, and we drive in his replacement?

Why would we? Because they are paid for it? Is this the approach we have?

Arrogant, rude, mean, inhumane???

Come on!!! What if we were them?

Now tell me, what extra miles are we going to keep ALLAH satisfied with our own being?

Are we helping the nearby mosque, hospital or any charitable organization?

Are we feeding some poor on our own?

Are we distributing our old clothes in the nearby orphanage?

Are we giving free medicines to the needy and deserving people living in the nearest katchi abaadi?

Are we attending any welfare organizations events?

Are we giving any rewards to our home staff or employees, apart from their basic salary or annual bonuses?

ALLAH SAYS, if you take care of my people, I will take care of you.

ALLAH SAYS, the dearest to me is the one nearest to His people in times of their needs.

ALLAH also says, I am not going to punish you for your small bad deeds. I will forgive you till you totally exceed your last limits of being arrogant. I will take everything away from you at once and then you will not have any other means.

ALLAH says, you offer salaat / prayers for your own-self to please me and not for anyone else.

ALLAH says, every time you feed a poor, I would increase your wealth by 7 times.

ALLAH says, every time you smile at a poor person, I will give you long life.

So in Islam, there is a bigger reward for every little deed done on earth.

I want my friends to try to become a little “nicer” with their surroundings, and not get carried away in their home-day to day – or glitz.

When we become sick or critically ill, we think of our mother, then our best friends as we need them around us.

This life is very short lived and temporary.

Please I urge you to become kind. Become nice. Become polite.

That’s all I have to say. I just felt like writing today.

Thanks for reading.

With loads of love and prayers!

My special thanks to KHM!

  1. ChUmerInam says:

    Sir you are Absaloutely right, we are running for nothing, n have forgetten the actual aim of our life, unluckily we are all too much busy in our daily life, even dont have time for parents n family as thy deserve………….very good feelings sir abt general life especially abt present plight of life.

    • ahkath says:

      Thanks Dear Umer Inam for your love comments.

      We have become materialistic and are more concerned with money, status and possessions rather than spiritual, intellectual, or cultural values.

  2. Truly thought provoking. Something we should all ponder over. Indeed, we must try to reach out to others who are in need in return to be awarded by the one and only Allaah. We as a nation lack in helping our own ppl. Extremism seems to be the only thing which has destroyed our country internally. We seem to have gone astray from our teachings. Education itself starts at home. If every household teaches their kids the way of life according to our Quranic fundamentals, the society will become a better place.

    • ahkath says:

      Thank you Suboohi for your kind comments.
      You’re 100% right. We all have become so materialistic that sometimes we don’t even realize that we as a human-being owe a lot to other fellow beings… we show no seriousness nor heed to take reasonable steps to help others who are deprived or whose lives are threatened, or who are in extreme distress or need.
      May Allah give us some heart.

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