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Are people really apathetic? (via In the Line of Wire)

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As I listened to Dave Meslin speak, it all began to make sense. It really is so simple. In this video he asks one question:Is the society really apathetic or is it the environment, the culture, the conditions around us that need to change so that people – lots of them – who care, are able to contribute toward making this a better world for us all? So let us look at what Dave says. He asks if we … Read More

via In the Line of Wire

Cricket passion – The Big Picture –

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Cricket passion – The Big Picture –

Muslim’s interest in settling affairs (via PIECEMEAL)

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"Muslim's existence is all due to their faith.  Through Equality and Justice they can saturate.  Preferring geographical, tribal, foundations, they disintegrate.  Mourning over blood they shed to separate." It wasn't a long ago when People's Party, Nawaz Sharif Party and Jamat-e-Islami claimed that they represent the voice of one hundred and sixty million people.  Now they only talk about eliminating corruption.  MQM, PTI and APML have appeared o … Read More