What is Pakistan – Expanding Horizons

Posted: May 30, 2011 in Pakistan, World

A 4 minute intro to Pakistan. Non-commercial & unconditional love work of Zeelaf & Munir for Pakistan. It shows a Pakistan that is largely hidden from the public eye in the West. Without doubt, religious extremism, some decadent Madrassahs and violence exist in Pakistan but such symbols are not entirely representative of Pakistan, its rich cultural heritage, architectural marvels, a passion for sports, and great music productions, shades of which are shown in the video, also signify what Pakistan stands for. This is an effort to show this side of the coin as well.

More at http://www.whatispakistan.com

  1. Huma Jameel says:

    salam very nice article on Pakistan , ap k blog k elawa mujay umuslim.com pakistani community bahot pasand ha. ap isay visit kar k batain k ap ko kaisi lagi .

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