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One of the most inspiring write ups by Dr. Shariq Ali.


By Shariq Ali

I was the integral part of a long queue in the courtyard of the Louvre Museum and the entrance was not open yet. This long and curved line had all the colours and shapes of ages and sizes with multi-linguistic sounds and multicultural representation of tourists from all over the world. In this bright and sunny and very pleasant morning, the curved human queue was looking like a rainbow of people in the characterless background of the tarmac of the museum courtyard. While standing there, a thought struck my mind that one day, the tarmac of geographical, nationalistic, racial and political divides will be under the feet of the rainbow people of this world. That would be a delightful and bright day. And it is worth waiting for!

That pleasant sunny morning in Paris is now more than two decades away from me, but I still remember…

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