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TEDGlobal2012 – Session-1

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Click above to watch the session-opening animation

It’s time for TEDGlobal2012! We’ve gathered in beautiful Edinburgh for what we are quite sure will be a thought-provoking, mind-expanding conference. The overall theme of the event this year? Radical openness. As TEDGlobal2012 co-curator and TED’s European director Bruno Giussani reminded us, this is always a founding principle of TED. The problem is: it’s actually a really difficult topic on which to base a conference. “People’s immediate reaction is that it’ll be all about open source, collaboration and crowdsourcing. But you can’t do a whole conference on those topics,” Bruno said in an interview in the run-up to the conference. “So we’ve expanded the brief to include radical thinking, open thinking, and the concept of looking at things differently.”

As always, each session at TEDGlobal has its own sub-theme. Session One, just about to get under way, is all about “Critical Crossroads.” That…

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