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TEDGlobal 2012 Fellows Talks: A recap of Session 1

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Usman Riaz, TEDGlobal Fellows talk
Photo: Ryan Lash

At the Lyceum Theatre today, the TEDGlobal 2012 Fellows brought audiences to their feet with two sessions of astonishing and moving talks before TEDGlobal 2012 mainstage sessions began. Here’s the rundown:

Usman Riaz, musician & artist
Usman plays guitar like an introverted genius alien from another planet who landed here, happened to pick up a guitar, and proceeded to make all the sounds its human inventors never even considered. Ringing, percussive, thoughtful, sinuous and impassioned, his performance pulls the audience along as his fingers dance across the strings.

Catarina Mota, open-source advocate and researcher
Catarina thinks we should be allowed to tamper with our personal stuff. Yet we’re discouraged from peeking under the hood of many of the things we use daily, like mobile phones. But now, open source hardware is changing everything. It’s not just a cool idea to design and share the plans for, say…

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