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Compassion… Call of the hour

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Compassion… Call of the hour.

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Let’s help !!!

Fighting hunger

WFP Pakistan recognizes the power of the Social Media. It has the youth – the future of the country – using it, it has people like you who are educated and have the influence and resources to make a difference using it. It allows us to interact with people, to share with them ground realities in almost real time and open a window into the lives of those who need our help. To use this immense network for the betterment of Pakistanis who are not as fortunate as you.

These people make up 58% of the population of Pakistan (over 90 million people), who cannot access sufficient food. 23% of these people are in hunger. To share an example, in Thatta, a large part of the population survives only on one roti and green chilies for the whole day.

It only costs USD 77.55 per family per month to provide…

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Does having choice make us happy? 6 studies that suggest it doesn’t always – Talk at TEDxStanford By Baba Shiv (Courtesy TED Blog)

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We have all been there: standing in aisle five of the supermarket trying to decide which jar of mustard to buy. Do we go organic, or for the brand with whole mustard seeds? Or do we simply pick the one in the brightest yellow bottle?

In a fascinating talk at TEDxStanford, “Sometimes it’s good to give up the driver’s seat,” marketing professor Baba Shiv reveals that discomfort over making choices extends into medical decisions. Five years ago, Shiv’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“The most harrowing and agonizing part of the whole experience was that we were making decision after decision,” Shiv shares in his talk. “The wisdom of the ages is that when it comes to decisions of importance, it’s best to be in charge. But are there contexts where we’re far better off taking the passenger seat and having someone else drive?”

Shiv decided…

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Conserve Marine Life – This is the responsibility of every single person.
Please click the image, zoom it and read it.

Another heart-breaking truth – Don’t litter on the beach please!

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Monsoon and robberies !!!

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10 online games … with a social purpose – By Jane McGonigal at TEDGlobal2012

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Jane McGonigal at 2012 TEDGlobal

Game designer Jane McGonigal firmly believes that video games are not just about mashing buttons and getting to the next level. In fact, during her talk at TEDGlobal 2012, McGonigal gave several surprising statistics: that online gaming can be more effective than pharmaceuticals in treating clinical depression and that just 30 minutes a day is correlated with significant increases in happiness.

McGonigal says online games can even help people heal from injuries and achieve greater wellness in the face of disease. She used an interesting test subject to illustrate this point: herself.

In her talk, McGonigal shared that, following a severe concussion, she found herself bed ridden for three months with a voice in her head telling her that the pain would never end. As she explains, “I thought, ‘I am either going to kill myself, or I’m going to turn this into a game.’”

McGonigal chose…

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Forget grades. Let’s have fun with math: Shimon Schocken at TEDGlobal 2012

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Shimon Schocken is a professor and founding dean of the Efi Arazi School of Computer Science at IDC Herzliya in Tel Aviv. He starts out with some of his life story, introducing us to his grandfather, Salman Schocken, who dropped out of school aged 14 to help feed the family. He went on to found “a glittering empire of department stores,” every store building a “jewel of Bauhaus architecture.” Salman was the ultimate self-learner, a man who surrounded himself with an entourage of young, unknown scholars to enable their writing and learn from them. (The fact that said entourage included the likes of Franz Kafka likely didn’t hurt.)

In the late 1930s, Salman fled Germany, leaving everything behind and spending the rest of his life in a relentless pursuit of art and culture, ending his life as a scion of society. “Such is the power of self-study,” says Schocken…

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