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TEDGlobal 2012 Fellows Talks: A recap of Session 2.

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Hakeem Oluseyi
Photo: Ryan Lash

Andrew Nemr, tap dancerAndrew takes the stage again – one built especially for his performance here – to dance in improv based on his time at TED so far. Even as his rhythms – some familiar, some confounding – intensify, he dances as naturally as walking … painting with his body and with sound. There’s music in his shoes – he’s just tapped out the rhythm of Turkey in the Straw!

Elaine Yan Ling Ng, smart materials artist + designer
Elaine calls herself a textile evolutionist, a scientist of materials. “A pine cone – when it’s wet it closes, when it’s dry, it opens. Magic within natural material is all around us,” she says. She captures the design magic of nature in objects by giving artificial technologies natural attributes – such as moisture, heat, and movement – using a combination of synthetic and natural materials. Her work, which…

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