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Augmented reality with Auras: Matt Mills and Tamara Roukaerts at TEDGlobal 2012

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Matt Mills and Tamara Roukaerts

Photo: James Duncan Davidson

“Wouldn’t it be amazing if our phones could see the world the way we do?” That’s the basic question that Matt Mills asks to introduce a demo of extraordinary technology from the new company Aurasma.

He holds up a painting of Robert Burns, and his colleague Tamara Roukaerts points a phone at it. On the phone screen (shown on the big screen to the audience), Robert Burns begins to move, to talk and to take a drink. Amazingly, all of the processing for this augmented reality is done on the device itself.

As another example, he takes the morning’s newspaper. Again, Roukaerts points the phone at it, and it immediately begins to play a video of updated news — in this case the results of Maria Sharapova’s results from Wimbledon. They call these connections “auras.”

This isn’t just a faster way to get information, it’s a new…

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