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Building Blocks: Session 3 at TEDGlobal2012

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It’s a truism that everything we know or think is the result of our past and our previous experiences. Yet it’s on these building blocks that we build our chances of achieving real progress and change. In this session, we wanted to introduce some of the world’s pre-eminent educators. They’re not all necessarily working in schools or with “students” as we might traditionally think of them, but each of these speakers is helping us to think in new and different ways.  

Coursera is an online education company that aims to democratize the education provided by the world’s elite universities. The company was co-founded by Stanford computer science professor (and MacArthur Genius) Daphne Koller, who is here to share more about the thinking behind her radical experiment to disrupt higher education. Here’s what she said >>

Despite his associations with high-profile universities such…

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