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A letter to Quaid

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Dear Quaid,
I am sorry. We are sorry for we have failed. We are devastated. Doomed. Trapped in a quagmire, getting out of which seems hardly possible. Things have changed since you left. Pakistan is not what it used to be. Pakistan is not what you founded it to be. Pakistan is not ‘the land of the pure’ anymore. In fact, this phrase, land-of-the-pure, seems rather ironical when associated with Pakistan.

Our system is no longer a pristine, pellucid sea; it is adulterated with contaminations so jeopardous like corruption, nepotism and fraud. Our institutions have tarnished reputations. Plundering police. Greedy Government. Misleading media.

Terrorism has spread in the country like a wild, unquenchable fire. Every year thousands of innocent lives are extinguished just because of it. We are being ruled by cruel, cold-blooded demons that have insatiable craving and unquenchable avarice for loot and plunder. They carry no care, no…

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Women Empowerment in South Asia

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Women Empowerment in South Asia


This article is a summary of  the work done by Jejeebhoy (2004), the study looks at the lives of women and investigates measurements of their self-rule in diverse locales of South Asia—Punjab in Pakistan, and Uttar Pradesh in north India and Tamil Nadu in south India. It investigates the context oriented elements basic watched contrasts and surveys the degree to which these distinctions could be credited to religion, nationality, or north–south social refinements. Discoveries recommend that while women’ self-sufficiency regarding choice making, portability, opportunity from debilitating relations with spouse, and access to and control over financial assets is obliged in each of the three settings, women in Tamil Nadu admission impressively better than other women, regardless of religion. Discoveries give little backing to the recommendation that women in Pakistan have less independence or control over their lives than do Indian ladies. Nor do Muslim ladies be they Indian or Pakistani—practice…

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