About AHKath

Abdul Hameed Kath
Born in Karachi on 02/Nov/1969.

Hifz-e-Qur’aan in 1985.
MBA, Finance and Accounting, B. Com.
Diploma in Computer Science (Software)
Oracle / SQL Certification from SBTE

On 31/Aug/1995 married to Sehrish (Formerly known as Spenta from Parsi Community who embraced Islam before coming into my Nikah). Now we have 3 sons. All are Hafiz-e-Qur’aan Alhamdulillah.

Currently working with:

Synergies Worldwide (A Holding Company of Synergies Sourcing Worldwide) as CFO (Chief Financial Officer). Synergies is a Textile Apparel and Soft Good Sourcing, Merchandising, Quality Assurance company having 22 offices worldwide.

I was appointed as Accountant in October 1993. Got various promotions to senior positions and now heading their Finance Dept. as Group CFO.

Association with other Companies/firms:

  • Partner/Shareholder of eConsultants an E.R.P. & I.T. Solution Provider
  • Honorary Services:

    The Okhai Memon Youth Services

    • 2010-12  –  Got elected unopposed and served as a President.
    • 2008-10  –  Got elected and served as a Vice President.
    • 2006-08  –  Got elected and served as an Executive Council Member.
    • 2002-04  –  Got elected and served as an Executive Council Member.
    • 1994-96  –  Got elected unopposed and served as a Treasurer
    • 1990 – Joined OMYS as Ordinary Member.

    Served as a Chairman of

    • Governing Board of Usman Memorial Hospital
    • Web Development & I.T. Committee (Designed and launched 1st Website of the OMYS.)
    • Technical & Higher Education Committee
    • Newsletter Committee
    • Shoba-e-Khawateen (Ladies Wing) Committee
    • Professional Wing of OMYS (PWO)
    • Fund Collection Committee of DHA/Clifton (Other) Areas

    Memon Professional Forum

    • 2014-15  –  Got elected as Sr. Vice President and serving
    • 2013-15  –  Got elected as a Member of Managing Committee
    • 2008-09  –  Got elected and served as a Vice President
    • 2007-08  –  Got elected and served as an Hon. General Secretary
    • 2006-07  –  Got elected and served as a Treasurer
    • 2005-06  –  Got elected and served as a Member of Managing Committee

    Joined MPF as its Life Member on 11-April-04.

    Besides, conducted various programs under the umbrella of MPF like:

    • LEAP-CC Leadership Enhancement & Achievement Program – Connecting Communities with IED-AKU.
    • YLaP – Young Leaders achievement Program,
    • Memon’s Summer Camp with WMO, APMF & PMEWS
    • Workshop on A to Z of Entrepreneurship with SMEDA
    • Personal & Professional Development programs with other Organizations etc.

    World Memon Organization

    Joined WMO as Ordinary Member in 2005

    Travelled to:

    • Bangladesh (Dhaka, Chittagong)  Several times
    • China (Guangzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai)  Several times
    • Hong Kong (Kowloon, Central)  Several Times
    • India (Delhi, Gurgaon, Bombay)  Once
    • Saudi Arabia (Jeddah, Makkah, Madinah)  Once for Umrah and then for Hajj with wife.
    • Thailand (Bangkok/ Islands)  Several times
    • U.A.E. (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, RAK, Ajman)  Several times
    • Sri Lanka   Once