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I still couldn't figure out the exact reason for banning facebook in Pakistan.  When and with what purpose do they repeat this action and who is behind all this banning game? Reason 1 (religious):  Facebook should be banned because of "Draw Muhammad campaign" and insulting remarks toward God Almighty, Islam and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Objection:  Is facebook the only website which is allowing anti-Islam activities?  Why is the objection only on … Read More



Due to the current worst ever catastrophic Rain Flood in the province of Sindh, millions of people have been displaced and hundreds have lost their lives. All those displaced people had to leave their houses, belonging and are roaming here and there looking for a place or shelter, food and water to live by. It is a pity that they are starving and fighting for their survival. Their hue and cry is genuine. They look totally helpless when they see their children fighting for food, water and clothes.

In this worst and desperate situation, it is the responsibility of every single person and welfare organizations to come forward and contribute for the relief and rehabilitation of our poor countrymen.

It is requested that all the local and international social activists play their role and help those who are in our need…as God help those who help themselves.

At this point in time, food items, tents/shelters, medicines, clothing are badly needed.

We look forward to your kind and brotherly response in this regard.

Pakistan Youth Revolution has joined hands with PK Relief /SA Relief ( in collecting funds and supporting the Flood Relief activities.

Please donate generously via “SA Relief” while going to the link You can have complete update through the website as well.

You can also contact PYR Members to collect funds.
PYR Official Group.

Video: Our trip to Badin with SA Relief Team ….. this is the point called “Khoski” Dist. Badin where we distributed some thousands of “ready-to-eat” food hampers.

YLaP – Young Leaders’ achievement Program is a rigorous training program for our youth. The basic aim is to create leaders of tomorrow who should be able to rectify and regain the lost image. The program aims at personal development and encourages the spirit of voluntarism within the participants. It will give opportunities to the participants to interact through dialogues, questions, competition, social events and performances in individual capacity as well as in groups.

YLaP is a 3 Months training and development program. All the sessions will be held on Sundays, which will include interactive workshops, lectures, presentations and a field trip.


All Sundays, from July 18, 2010 to September 26, 2010

Timings: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Location: Auditorium of National Museum of Pakistan,

Burns Garden, Near S.M. College, Strachan Road, Karachi, Pakistan.

You can download the Application Form by clicking the link below:


Send us an email to or and we will email you the form.

Organized by: WE – Aspire Today, Inspire Tomorrow