Some of you may know that I have been game-fishing for more than 20 years. Besides lots of various catches of different species of different sizes and weights, in 1995 I was also awarded a prize in TKO’95 (The Karachi Offshore’95) Angling Tournament for catching the heaviest King Mackerel (50 lbs).


During this entire journey, I have caught various species of salt-water fishes from the inshore and off shore waters of the Arabian Sea… and since beginning, I have been dreaming of catching a Marlin or Sailfish.


And his dream came true when I created a sort of an unregistered record by catching a huge 111.33 lbs Blue Marlin from the offshore waters of Continental Shelf, Arabian Sea on December 3, 2016.


It was a real tough fight but Alhamdulillah, I successfully landed this Blue Marlin. In fact after catching some giant Tunas, while trolling at 10:42 AM, this monster Blue Marlin bit my Zuker blue squirt lure, which was tied with my 80 lbs Daiwa Mono line on the Shimano TLD-50 reel mounted on the Daiwa STP 24Kg heavy trolling Rod.


The moment was so thrilling when it got hooked as it immediately jumped off the water and started tail-dancing. Usually, billfish when hooked start jumping and running in order to get unhooked, but luckily with some techniques I learnt from my Guru, I managed to keep the line tight and made her remain hooked until landed.

It was a 15 minutes tough game and after her 2-3 more jumps I landed my dream catch successfully.


For the complete video of this fight, check below:



Along with this Marlin, our teammate, Muhammad Yousuf bhai landed 2 giant Tunas, weighing 48 Kg and 38 Kg each respectively. I also caught a couple of Tunas, which weighed approx 10 and 15 kg respectively. My son Shahzain caught one Tuna of around 5 Kg. Our captain Mr. Adnan Hussain caught 3 Tunas of around 10-15 kg each.


Our boatmen were Dilboth and Qalandari Mama.
To see more pictures, please click on this link:


Photos & Video By: Khizar Hameed Kath (Son)

(Abdul Hameed Kath is a proud Pakistani. By profession he is a CFO of a Textile Buying House, (Synergies Worldwide). He is a social worker. Member of Strategic Advisory Board - MPF, Ex-President of Memon Professional Forum, Ex President of The Okhai Memon Youth Services. Member WMO)

One always feels thrilled and excited when there is a plan to fish offshore especially to hunt giant Marlins and Tunas from the continental shelf/ Khadda.
For November 17, 2018 a trip to Khadda/ Continental Shelf was planned and we left for Sonehra at 8:30 pm with all the tackles needed for offshore fishing.
The best time to reach this spot is before sunrise but all your planning goes in vain when you do not reach the destination in time. It’s exactly like ‘snooze you loose’. The Sangari (another boat to accompany) was supposed to meet us at Churna by 12 am and from there both the boats had to depart together. The wait for our Sangari was too long and it reached after 3 am. By the time we left for Khadda, it was around 3:30 am. Wish we had departed earlier and reached the spot before sunrise and ultimately the game would be totally different. No one can stand against the will of God. He had another plan for us.
The weather turned very choppy and high wind started. We had a great difficulty in increasing the speed of our boat. With everything wet on the boat, we reached 50 mtr mark at around 9:30 am and started looking for the PODs while heading towards 123. By that time we had landed 2 Mahi mahi. At 3-4 different spots we came across big pins of Dolphins which swam along with our boat for quite a few minutes but there were no tunas chasing.
We got 2 strikes of small tuna but both got unhooked during retrieving.
At around 12:30 pm, we saw a Marlin coming from the opposite direction, we almost ran over it expecting it to bite our squirts at the back, but nothing happened. Then we took u turn and started chasing but it ran away like a bullet.
Overall it was a fun trip Alhamdulillah and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Anglers: A. Hameed Kath, Khizar Hameed,
Special thanks to my dear brother Arif Diver and his company for their great care and love.
Video/Photography by : Khizar H. Kath

The livelihood of local fishermen community of Mubarak Village, Manjhar, Sonehra and adjoining areas have been devastated by the worst ever condition of the coastal belt of Mubarak Village, Gadani, Manjhar, Sonehra and adjoining area due to the oil spillage… as the only way of their earning bread and butter is fishing but due to this massacre they are in deep trouble.

Authorities are still trying their best to find out the cause of this spill. However, as per the media news and press briefings, Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Maritime Security Agency, Karachi Port Trust, Sindh Govt and Balochistan Govt have taken serious notice of this mysterious oil spillage and have deployed their teams for the cleaning operation of the beaches.

Below are some links to footages :


While searching, and searching finally came across an excited pin of dolphins and got our First Strike – Landed 3 Tunas successfully Alhamdulillah. !




Microsoft-Logo-3-832x1024Karachi: November 11, 2015 – Microsoft has launched the ‘Upgrade Your World’ campaign’ in Pakistan, to create awareness among the school children, about the benefits of upgrading your computers to the latest Microsoft ‘Windows 10’ – best ever Windows. This series of Road shows will showcase the latest Windows10 along with detailed insight about different programs of Microsoft for young students and opportunity to meet with Microsoft team.

Beginning from the city of Bahawalpur in southern Punjab on the 10th of November 2015, a team of Microsoft professionals will visit numerous schools and colleges to inform and guide the students about the powerful features of ‘Windows10’. This initiative will later proceed northwards, through 10 major cities of Pakistan, visiting the prominent academic institutions in each city and conclude in Islamabad on the 20th of November, 2015. The insightful activity is being supported by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan.

As a part of this campaign, an enlightening ‘Bloggers Evening’ will also be conducted in Lahore, on the 15th November, 2015. A large number of bloggers will be invited to the event, where the team of Microsoft experts will disseminate valuable information to enhance the skills, knowledge and outreach of the participating bloggers, besides lauding the performance of the outstanding bloggers.

The Country Manager of Microsoft Pakistan – Mr. Nadeem Malik stated that; “Today marks a real milestone in our “Upgrade Your World” initiative in Pakistan. We are fortunate enough to see the real impact this organization is making and will make first-hand impressions at different schools. We will be providing children with a Windows10 upgrade, so they can learn more and create more impact, around the world. This has truly been an inspiring way to launch a new generation of Windows and we look forward to sharing and creating greater momentum. We hope that the children in Pakistan will derive maximum benefits from these roadshows.”

Microsoft is making fast progress on a broader goal of celebrating people and organizations showing commendable performance. It has been truly exciting to see how Microsoft’s employees and general public around the world have been mobilized for action, since the launch of the campaign to #Upgrade Your World. Whether sharing a meal with less fortunate individuals, donating items to those in need or visiting a secondary schools to create awareness among the students, people all over the world have embraced the movement and joined in to make a difference –big or small.

About Microsoft
Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services and Internet technologies for personal and business computing. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to empower people through great software – any time, any place and on any device.
Microsoft Pakistan opened its offices in 1999 with over 200 partners all over the country. MS Pakistan is Part of the NEPA subsidiary which comprises Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and the Palestinian authority. As the use of software and technology increases with the number of Pakistani companies and individuals depending on IT as part of their everyday life, the company is poised to thrive even more over the coming years.
Microsoft Corporation’s address on the World Wide Web is:
Microsoft Pakistan’s Web site is:

For further information:
Ammar Muzafar
SHAMROCK Communications (Pvt) Ltd.
Call 021-35823694-5 Cell: 0333-3352589

PR Final_Microsoft


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Dear Friends,

The people of the northern areas of our country have been going through a very difficult time. Skardu, Gilgit, Chitral’s most of the villages have beenChitral-Today_3 washed away by the heavy floods caused by the rain and melting of glaciers, due to which they have to take refuge in caves and mountains where the weather is also very harsh and difficult.

This is the worst ever flooding in this region, yet even the respectable people of these areas are not asking or demanding any kind of help…but we all must step forward and help them by whatever means we could, so that they could stand up on their feet and start living their normal lives again.

Please donate generously from your charity or zakat funds.
Rest assured that your donated funds will be disbursed among the needy and deserving families with great responsibility through our representative personally who is going to Chitral next week, Inshaa’ Allah.

To deposit your funds directly to the bank account, please contact me via Facebook message or whatsapp and I shall provide you with the necessary bank details.

Jazakallahu Khairan Kaseera,

A.H. Kath