Some of you may know that I have been game-fishing for more than 20 years. Besides lots of various catches of different species of different sizes and weights, in 1995 I was also awarded a prize in TKO’95 (The Karachi Offshore’95) Angling Tournament for catching the heaviest King Mackerel (50 lbs).



During this entire journey, I have caught various species of salt-water fishes from the inshore and off shore waters of the Arabian Sea… and since beginning, I have been dreaming of catching a Marlin or Sailfish.


And his dream came true when I created a sort of an unregistered record by catching a huge 111.33 lbs Blue Marlin from the offshore waters of Continental Shelf, Arabian Sea on December 3, 2016.


It was a real tough fight but Alhamdulillah, I successfully landed this Blue Marlin. In fact after catching some giant Tunas, while trolling at 10:42 AM, this monster Blue Marlin bit my Zuker blue squirt lure, which was tied with my 80 lbs Daiwa Mono line on the Shimano TLD-50 reel mounted on the Daiwa STP 24Kg heavy trolling Rod.


The moment was so thrilling when it got hooked as it immediately jumped off the water and started tail-dancing. Usually, billfish when hooked start jumping and running in order to get unhooked, but luckily with some techniques I learnt from my Guru, I managed to keep the line tight and made her remain hooked until landed.

It was a 15 minutes tough game and after her 2-3 more jumps I landed my dream catch successfully.


For the complete video of this fight, check below:



Along with this Marlin, our teammate, Muhammad Yousuf bhai landed 2 giant Tunas, weighing 48 Kg and 38 Kg each respectively. I also caught a couple of Tunas, which weighed approx 10 and 15 kg respectively. My son Shahzain caught one Tuna of around 5 Kg. Our captain Mr. Adnan Hussain caught 3 Tunas of around 10-15 kg each.

Exact weight of Blue Marlin – 50.4984 Kg / 111.33 Lbs


Our boatmen were Dilboth and Qalandari Mama.
To see more pictures, please click on this link:


Photos & Video By: Khizar Hameed Kath (Son)

(Abdul Hameed Kath is a proud Pakistani. By profession he is a CFO of a Textile Buying House, (Synergies Worldwide). He is a social worker. Member of Strategic Advisory Board - MPF, Ex-President of Memon Professional Forum, Ex President of The Okhai Memon Youth Services. Member WMO)


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براہ کرم ہر شخص کورونا وائرس سے متعلق اس آگاہی ویڈیو کو ضرور دیکھے۔
گھبرائیں نہ اور “بیکار ماسک” خریدنا بند کریں، کیونکہ یہ ماسک حفاظت نہیں کرسکتے۔ آپ کو صرف ان احتیاطی تدابیر پر عمل کرنے کی ضرورت ہے۔
میڈیا صرف انتشار پیدا کر رہا ہے ، میڈیا اور سوشل میڈیا کے ذریعہ پھیلائی جانے والی غلط فہمیوں اور گمراہ کن معلومات کا شکار نہ بنیں۔
دی گئی دعا کا مستقل ورد کریں۔ ان شاء الله تمام بلاؤں سے محفوظ رہیں گے۔

Please everyone watch this awareness video related to Coronavirus. Do not panic and please stop purchasing useless masks, as these masks can not protect you. You just need to follow these precautions. Media is just creating chaos. Do not become victim of misconception and misleading information spreading through media and social media.

Keep yourself in Wudhu (ablution) all the time and keep reciting the given supplications/ duas. In Shaa Allah, you will be protected by Allah.

Video Credit : AKUH

The Switzerland of Asia

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Tips for Fishing Bass

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Fishing Maverick

Different Kinds Of tips for fishing bass

Fishing is both a competitive sport and a hobby, with legions of fans. It is a very popular pastime or occupation, and enthusiasts exist worldwide. A lot of people who fish take pride in their unique fishing secrets. Some people won’t share their secrets for success, but this article will provide you with many new tricks to try.


Choose an inverse color for your bait from the color of the water. If the water is murky, try to use light colored bait so that it is visible to the fish. On the other hand, if the water is clear, make sure to use darker colored bait.

Go bass fishing if you are new to fishing. The reason being because bass take bait more easily than other fish, and they fairly easy to find. Bass fishing continues to provide enjoyment even when you are…

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Bernie Sander’s Statement on Kashmir

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India’s action in Kashmir is unacceptable!

Liam Byrne on Kashmir

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Liam Byrne’s exclusive interview on Kashmir from the huge Free Kashmir Demonstration in Victoria Square, Birmingham

اردو رسم الخط کو فروغُ دیجیئے۔

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شوشل میڈیا پر اردو رسم الخط کو فروغ و ترجیح دیجئے کیونکہ اب یہ زبان واحد ذریعہ ھے ملت کو جوڑنے کا – اس کے رسم الخط کی حفاظت بھی ہماری ہی ذمہ داری ھے- لکھنے میں املا یا تذکیر و تانیث کی غلطی کی فکر نہ کریں بس لکھتے رہیں – اس عمل سے یہ فائدہ ہوگا کہ گوگل حرف کی شناخت کر لےگا اور آہستہ آہستہ آٹو کریکشن کے وہ وسائل حاصل ہوجائیں گےجو انگریزی اور دوسری زبانوں کو حاصل ہیں- اپنی اردو دوستی کا ثبوت دیجئیے اور جو کچھ لکھنا چاہتے ہیں وہ صرف اردو میں لکھیں – یہ عمل بھی اردو کی ایک خدمت میں شمار کیا جاۓگا۔۔

نوٹ ! اپنے اپنے طریقے سے اپنے دوستوں کو اردو رسم الخط کی طرف راغب کریں !

Pakistan successfully carried out launch of Ghaznavi

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Pakistan successfully carried out night training launch of surface to surface ballistic missile Ghaznavi, capable of delivering multiple types of warheads upto 290 KMs. CJCSC & Services Chiefs congrat team. President & PM conveyed appreciation to team & congrats to the nation.


ISPR Official – PR-156/2019

Twitter: @OfficialDGISPR