Thalassemia Free Pakistan

Posted: June 1, 2010 in Pakistan

I hope you all are fine. The reason of this post is to gather all PYRians, Bloggers, Tweeters, Media and Social Media people to start a campaign for awareness of our nation about Thalassemia and the benefits of Blood Screening especially before marriages. We also urge the Govt. to pass a bill in National assembly.

We have some points to work on this project. If you people have any other points then just add in this message and send back back to all as we want to start this campaign properly and aggressively:

1. All Bloggers on National level write a blog on Thalassemia topic one by one & tweet it to all tweeters, send the same to all TV channels, Provincial & National Health ministries and all newspapers. Our frequent postings to TV Channels and to other medium will surely help getting attention of various higher authorities:

2. Every day for few minutes we all change our status on Facebook and Twitter like “ We want National Assembly to pass a bill for a mandatory Blood Screening before marriage like the same has been passed by Pakhtoonkhuwah (NWFP) and Sindh Provincial Assemblies… and a certificate must be submitted before the Nikah/ Marriage.

3. On Monthly or Fortnightly basis a TV show should be aired related to Thalassemia and other related blood diseases.

4. Contact Provincial & National Health ministries on weekly basis and to follow up on the progress of this bill’s approval and its plan of implementation.

Kind regards,
From the entire Team of

Fight Against Thalassemia (FAiTh) / Pakistan Youth Renaissance (PYR)


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