Posted: August 5, 2011 in Motivational, Pakistan


Source: http://www.sarmadtariq.com/2011/08/02/10-things-you-can-learn-from-reading-trucks/


Forget all the Management Gurus, the Self-Help books, the motivational lectures….the fact is that if one is not serious, even divine revelation is useless, and where someone really wants to learn the most important lessons in life, they are more accessible than you imagine. Here are some pearls of wisdom you can get from the statements on backs of trucks. All you have to do is read beyond the apparent clichéd lines, keep your minds open and realize that they actually are all the lessons you ever required.

1. The key to success is hard work, there are no short cuts. Any time spent in wondering how someone else got success is wasted which should have been spent working hard for your own aims. In other words, Mehnat Kar Hasad Na Kar.

2. You will always face obstacles in your path. Remember that you have only two sensible choices, either you can rise above the challenges and overcome them or you can simply tolerate them and move on with your life. In other words, Pass kar Ya Bardasht Kar.

3. Every individual has his or her own path in life. Don’t compare yourselves with others too much, make your own destiny, and let others get what their fate holds for them. In other words, Naseeb Apna Apna.. or Naseeb Paraghley Paraghley.

4. Interact with as many people as you want but always remember to treat them well. Make friends with a smile, not enemies with arrogance. In other words, Daikh..magar pyar se.

5. You will have to cross many competitors in the race of life. Always have confidence in your abilities and compete with them on a level playing field. Warn them before you try to get ahead, never sneak up and catch them unaware. In other words, Haaran de kar pass karein.

6. Keep a positive attitude and concentrate on your own goals. If you spend your time plotting the downfall of others instead, you are bound to end up in disgrace. In other words, Jalney waley ka mun kala.

7. Always wish others well. Harm to others will never benefit you. In other words,Khair naal Aa, Khair naal ja.

8. Always think through any decision you make. Never act in a hurry and without thinking. In other words, Ik Wari Fair Soch Lai.

9. However, do not spend too much time in unnecessary thinking, do not fear or worry too much about results. Such an attitude might reduce your chances of success. In other words, Sochi paya te banda gaya

10. Always remember that people who seem to be having a better time than you might not necessarily be better than you. In other words, Aqal na hovay te maujan ee maujan. 

  1. sameed tehami says:

    superb….. liked it….

  2. dressingz says:

    hahahaha! nice, but it never read the last two on trucks. Akal na hoyey tae mojan e mojan.
    the second last quote i use to hear from my elders. 😀

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