Pakistanis attempt yet another world record!

Posted: August 13, 2011 in Pakistan, World
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By Farrukh Ahmed

Pakistan is full of amazing people willing to attempt unbelievable acts of courage and determination to prove that there’s much more to our country than usually exposed. We have already shared the story of the amazing Sarmad Tariq, and here’s another amazing event in the making:
Abid Beli, a highly patriotic Pakistani, is making efforts to attempt a Guinness World Record of most people singing a national anthem. The attempt, if successful, will promote a positive perspective of Pakistan & prove that Pakistanis are way beyond how we are generally projected.
Abid is motivated and determined to carry on the attempt, and we would like to request all our readers to join in for the great cause. Since the event is being held in Karachi, at least our Karachi readers should join in to make this a glorifying event for Pakistan. We need around 110,000 people to break the current record so every person counts!
We will keep updating this post as details of the event emerge. Meanwhile, you can subscribe to the event’s facebook page here. Please share with all your friends and urge them to join us and make a happy history for Pakistan.
Pakistan Zindabad!

Pakistanis attempt yet another world record!.

  1. Sehrish says:

    Yet another world record of singing national anthem

  2. […] Pakistanis attempt yet another world record! ( […]

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