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Let’s help !!!

Fighting hunger

WFP Pakistan recognizes the power of the Social Media. It has the youth – the future of the country – using it, it has people like you who are educated and have the influence and resources to make a difference using it. It allows us to interact with people, to share with them ground realities in almost real time and open a window into the lives of those who need our help. To use this immense network for the betterment of Pakistanis who are not as fortunate as you.

These people make up 58% of the population of Pakistan (over 90 million people), who cannot access sufficient food. 23% of these people are in hunger. To share an example, in Thatta, a large part of the population survives only on one roti and green chilies for the whole day.

It only costs USD 77.55 per family per month to provide…

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